Hello everyone!

Time for some updates about our biggest project; Higglo.

As you all know, our team has been working on the project lately and have achieved a milestone so far by completing almost 80% of the platform, however; our team has decided to pause, you’ve heard that right, and…

We have rebranded 10x into a bigger, better concept that comes with a new identity and new features,welcome Racoons.

Our team agrees that this rebranding is essential in today’s fast-paced world, especially for a fast-moving project like 10x.

We are aspiring to cover long distances in our quest for exploring…

Another partnership, new stories on the way.

We come to you with some awesome news, which we have been working on excitedly for a while.

As one of DMScript’s prime goals is to keep pushing forward and collaborate with aspiring teams and influencers in the gaming world, to achieve more…

Higglo’s update is going to impress everyone, and embrace every talent there is out there!

Higglo’s platform update will turn it into a place where you could receive amazing player support, as Higglo will allow you to create or join a match and bet on your confident-self, or your…

This is an overview of the $DMST token, DMScript’s token use has greatly emerged during the past few months, in an evolutionary path that goes beyond the simple uses our community knows, we share some reflections and updates on how to get the best out of the token with its…

We are more than excited to announce this partnership which we believe will be fruitful to both companies, Modefi provides aggregated and decentralized oracle solutions, by which we will be able adopt their solutions and service in turning our esports betting platform, Higglo into a reality.

The security of all transactions and deals on the platforms between all parties is of utmost importance to us, therefore we look forward to working towards a fully trustworthy platform for the community to enjoy betting on their favourite esports teams everyday, So stay tuned to what we are creating with Modefi.

Website: https://modefi.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Modefi_Official/

Telegram: https://t.me/modefi_official


DMScript is a blockchain-gaming company dedicated to backing and releasing video game-related projects

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