“A Fresher Look on DMScript’s Projects”

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Hey everyone!

After getting so much feedback from both you and our partners, we have finally come to a decision. We will stick to DMScript’s main logo and brand, but have ultimately figured that it would be better for us to rename some of our upcoming projects into the following:

1- DMPlay would become Holonex.

2- DMFast would become Tournet.

3- DMWallet will become Vovest.

We hope you like those names! We’ve made this decision because, it makes sense for us to stick to DMScript’s core brand name given that we’ve already struck multiple partnerships and it would possibly cause an inconvenience for our valuable partners and we would definitely not want to cause anything of the sorts. Moreover, it’s because that’s the name people remember when we had first started and then successfully managed to pull a number of impressive feats that blew everyone’s minds!

With the new project names, however, we want to offer a more unique feel and theme to each one of our projects, hence the rebranding of their names! We’ll add corresponding color schemes that fit those names and hope that you guys will like them!

We’ll give you extra updates on where our project rebranding takes us, so stay tuned!

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