Another partnership, new stories on the way.

We come to you with some awesome news, which we have been working on excitedly for a while.

As one of DMScript’s prime goals is to keep pushing forward and collaborate with aspiring teams and influencers in the gaming world, to achieve more together every day.

We now enter the Polish market with a new partnership with M1 EDEN, which is an esports organization and team, specializing primarily in CS: GO, and it looks like we are collaborating with very talented individuals in the team, as one of its founders and ambassadors of the project is Karolek Dabrowski, who has more than 2,200,000 fans on Youtube, and Karolek will share our enthusiasm by talking about DMScript’s projects throughout his social media channels:

M1 EDEN has just finished their ESEA advanced 36th season, and managed to get into playoffs and acquired the 13th position in the league. Now they are about to fight for the highest goals in the 37th season which is starting in 3 weeks’ time.

We are truly enthusiastic as M1 EDEN’s team will play a key role in marketing elements for DMScript and its projects, as DMScript’s logo will be featured on all jerseys, and alongside each player’s nickname during all national and international tournaments, which will advance DMScript’s position and image in the market, and boost our marketing efforts alongside this dedicated team.

DMScript has always been dedicated to the diversity and inclusion of a variety of talents from the gaming industry, being partners with esports teams that we are truly proud of, like OG and Mazer Gaming, we are happy to partner up with M1 EDEN and get introduced to the gaming world in Poland, enabling us to bring together people with different perspectives, skills, and ideas to drive gaming innovation.

The gaming industry has made significant progress in terms of diversity and inclusion in recent times. It's an endless journey to which DMScript is dedicated.

Part of that passion and commitment is for companies like ours to take the reins and help all esports teams in exhibiting their skills and exploring the resources open to esports players through our blockchain gaming technology.

We are committed to growing professional esports teams, which should be a goal for the entire gaming industry and its community, and we are so pleased that M1 EDEN shares that vision with us.



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