Christmas arrives early for DMScript.

Hey everyone!

We teased you a lot in the last few days about a major announcement that would be made today, and you’ve waited long enough! If you read the title, then you probably know what’s about to happen and are wondering why that’s happening. So let us clarify what’s going on.

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We will be buying $100,000 worth of DMST tokens from exchanges, which is an extremely profitable move for our community and for anyone holding DMST thanks to how it would affect the tokens’ value, as part of some sort of buyback that we planned to do.

The reason we’re doing this is because we’ll use these tokens with another company that we’ll be collaborating with, and since our tokenomics strict us from relying on that many tokens, we decided to buy ourselves more DMST from exchanges instead of ruining the market and negatively impacting our community.

We’ll be gradually buying the tokens over a certain duration, and we’ll announce each one of those purchasing stages through exchanges to let our community know and stay up to date. The money was also given to us from this partner, or investor, rather, so we can buy them tokens that they could invest with.

This is also the first of many token investments from our partners and investors, and you can expect more large purchases of DMST tokens from exchanges to occur which will highly benefit all the community. We also expect this first batch of $100k to be complete before the start of the new year.

We’ll also be unable to announce which company it is. But we can tell you that it’s the same streaming company we previously mentioned. Hopefully this news will let our investors and community members rest easy, knowing that their tokens are safe and that HODLing is always worth it.

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Our partnership with OG will take DMScript to places our community will really appreciate, and will greatly affect our upcoming projects.

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Here’s a sneak peek of what’s going on. November is full of announcements and major steps that will reshape our foundation as a company. Keep your eyes hooked on us.

Stay safe and take care, and remember to wear a mask!

DMScript is a blockchain-gaming company dedicated to backing and releasing video game-related projects

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