Clearing The Air Around $DMUSD


People have been wondering about the stability of $DMUSD, and how we’re going to tie it to the FIAT USD, as it has caused some confusion around our community. We’d like to clarify that $DMUSD will NOT have to be tied to the current USD in any way whatsoever, as it instead is going to be usable only within the DMScript ecosystem of projects, and this includes, but is not exclusive to:







This is how we’re able to create such a large volume with such value because we’re in full control of the tokens and are the ones determining how it will be distributed among $DMST holders.

But what if someone doesn’t want to use their $DMUSD in DMScript?

That’s simple. You’ll be able to exchange your $DMUSD for $DMST and can sell it later just like any other token. The liquidity that will be provided for the exchange will be possible thanks to our buyback program where we start buying $DMST tokens from the market once again using our profits from all of DMScript’s projects, then allocating some of the $DMST we’ll buy back for the $DMUSD exchange that we’ll be offering. Afterwards, we’ll be using it as liquidity for $DMUSD in specific, limited amounts.