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Today’s post will be a bit different from what everyone has been used to. There have been a number of changes that we decided to implement, in addition to a few announcements we wanted to make on the 20th. We mentioned a few days ago that something EPIC will happen, and many of you have guessed right.

We think DMScript is a company that is bound for great things, and have great faith in our community, team and developers, no matter what anyone else may think. There are those who doubt us, for good reason, but we still know that no matter what obstacle we may face, we’ll pull through, and we’ll make it out victorious… and with style.

The team has been considering a number of factors over the past few weeks on how to approach the end of the year, what could be done for our community, and how to properly utilize our projects. We’ve done the math, and we know what needs to be done to face 2021 with all the power we need.

So without further ado, here are all the announcements we wanted to share with you:

DMScript Acquiring Unreal Engine License

We teased you with Epic Games’s logo, and for good reason. Our team at DMStudio has successfully obtained their license and will now move forward with production, because although we announced DMStudio to be focused on mobile gaming, we may have intentionally left out the part where we announce our own personal IP (intellectual property) — as we’ll be assigning a special team from DMStudio to work on a powerful title that would be available for PC and consoles, and we’ll further reveal the IP’s name and what it will be about, but it’s something EPIC.

Moreover, we’ve reached out to EPIC Games requesting a special partnership where we can get access to special tools in Unreal Engine, as well as the potential for our IP to be available exclusively on their store for PC. We’ll keep covering the nature of this partnership and let everyone know how it progresses.

Huawei & Tencent

We teased you with noodles, and have consistently bugged all of you with our evil master plans. Time to unveil what we’ve got in mind. We constantly mentioned that we want DMScript to be a global endeavor, something that will solve people’s problems all over the world, not just in one place. Well… one place that we haven’t had any reach over so far is Asia.

We wanted DMScript to have enough coverage on that end, and in order to do so, we’d need strong, reliable partners who we can rely on overseas, all over to the east of the world, and this is where Tencent and Huawei come in. We can’t discuss the nature of what we have in mind with them, but we’re already in discussions and will continue to update the community with how everything will end.

If this deal is successful, we will be an official partner with the most dominant mobile phone company in China, in addition to one of the world’s top conglomerates in existence. With them as new allies for DMScript, the sky is quite literally no longer the limit.

Riot Forge

Those who tuned into our AMA over at Crypto Guerillas would know that we reached out to Riot Forge to officially partner with them and get access to their IP’s assets, as we’d like to work on a title that is directly related to League of Legends and the world of Runeterra. Riot Games has proven to be one of the best eSports companies in the world, if not the ultimate example, given their current world records.

Expanding the community

Some of you may have noticed a Cayde 9 in Telegram yesterday with an “admin” title. That’s not a mistake, as this is our latest addition to the team. He’s a jack of all trades and we decided to enlist his help as he excels in a number of things, especially when it comes to building a vibrant and lively community. We’re no longer going to stick to Telegram, and we believe it’s time for our community to grow even further.

We’re currently working on a Discord server and our own subreddit over at Reddit, as we’d like to cover all three fronts for our community, to give them ease of access and a variety of access points so they can easily reach out to us. With this being said, Cayde’s also going to organize a number of events and contests that are directly related to gaming, in addition to a few more things.

eSports tournaments & community participation

Since we’re expanding our community, and now that we’ll have a dedicated Discord server, we’ll start hosting a number of tournaments and contests, and Cayde will start hunting for talent in our community, to put together DMScript’s own team of competitors who will compete in major titles like League of Legends and CS:GO. We know that most of you are gamers, and it would only make sense for us to have you fight for your passion, with DMScript.

This means those who are recruited can literally, and officially represent DMScript in online games, and we’re even starting a clan so you can represent us in other video games, such as guilds in MMOs or clans like in Destiny 2. There’s really no limit to what could be done here.

What you get in return for participating and representing DMScript is something you’ll really like. We believe that there should be room for more than just tokens as rewards, and to reward our representatives in video games, we’ll be handing out exclusive NFT items that will be available on Tratopia, as well as honorary titles and badges, and exclusive roles on Discord and Reddit.

There will be more rewards to offer. For those interested in learning more, please dm @aced9 (Cayde 9) on Telegram.

Milestone system for the community

We’ve decided that it’s best to share our milestones with the community, and let them know that there are things that we could make possible if we all join forces together, to make DMScript robust enough to tackle any challenges thrown at it. We’ll implement a weekly and monthly milestone system. The weekly one will be updated with each week, and the monthly one will obviously update every month. Through our milestone system, we’ll allow our community to see what we can both achieve together, and then work on that together in order to achieve it. With every milestone reached, we’ll grow together.

The same applies to monthly milestones, which will be more difficult to achieve and would require much more effort from both DMScript’s team and the amazing community it has. But the end results will most definitely be worth it.

Equity Sharing Rewards System

With the milestone system in place, we need to give back to everyone who will put in their time and effort into helping us climb further. We kept thinking of a perfect plan that would benefit everyone who pitched in, and ultimately decided to allocate 10% of ALL of DMScript’s projects, to be distributed to everyone who participated in the milestone system that we’ll incorporate fairly soon.

This means that if you’re an affiliate or if you are registered on our database as someone who joined in on these efforts, you will receive payouts from our revenue for 2 years after the release of each one of our projects. The 10% will be fairly distributed among all contributors, with the highest amount going to the highest contributors, and so on.

We believe that this is the perfect way to say thank you to everyone who helped us make it through all of our hurdles.

Introducing “When DM?”

We’ll host a weekly news report about DMScript that summarizes the whole week, and sheds light on what our plans are for the next week. Cayde will also host a call at the same time of the release where he answers some of the community’s questions for 30 minutes or so.

“When DM?” will keep everyone up to date more frequently, and we’ll also start working on an epic series of videos we’ll release every week alongside our newsletter to showcase our latest updates in a much cooler fashion than you’re used to. We’re sure everyone will appreciate this.

That sums up our post! It’s probably our longest one yet, but we needed to add in as much information as we can for what’s coming next. Once the new server and subreddit are ready, we’ll post them in the announcement section.

Thank you for sticking by us all this time. We’ll make sure that your investment in our company will shine in your portfolio.

DM out.

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DMScript is a blockchain-gaming company dedicated to backing and releasing video game-related projects

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