DMScript: Addressing the community’s concerns

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Hello everyone. We’d like to address multiple concerns that the community has asked about.

  • Why did the token’s value drop and who was behind the selling?
  • There are 1.5M tokens that were processed from our marketing address to multiple people who helped us with marketing. However, we noticed that one of them has been selling a lot of tokens through the market. Once we learned about this, we immediately asked them to stop and then paid them the remaining amount of tokens in USDT instead of our own tokens.
  • The reason we paid DMST tokens for marketing, is because we didn’t have enough liquidity back then, and now thanks to the investment we got recently from a streaming service, we were able to take what remained of our tokens and paid the due amount in USDT instead.
  • All the tokens we pay on marketing, is taken from our marketing tokenomics. We’re not changing any rules, we’re not bending anything, we’ve always been 100% transparent with everyone.
  • What this means is that everyone who had access to DMST tokens and was selling them, is no longer capable of doing so. We made sure of that.
  • $200,000 liquidity on Uniswap:
  • In order to maintain the token’s price, we have added $200,000 in liquidity to make sure the tokens’ value is stabilized on Uniswap. This is a response to the many requests that were made by our community asking for more liquidity, and we want everyone to clearly understand that we listen.
  • The team: are they one person?
  • We’ve noticed a lot of people asking us and mentioning that the 3 team members on our website are actually the same person. This is a total misunderstanding, even though they’re most definitely not the same person whatsoever, to allow everyone some peace of mind, we’re going to have the entire team together for the community to trust that there’s an actual team behind this project, and not one guy with different profile shapes.
  • Shutting down the staking program:
  • We’ll shut down DMStaking for the time being after noticing that many of our community’s members had concerns with the staking program not being fully automated. Once we have an automated version of our staking program ready, we’ll be happy to launch the program once again. For now, however, everyone who joined our staking program will be refunded their tokens and nothing will be lost.
  • The circulating supply:
  • The current circulating supply is 15M DMST. If the circulating supply ever surpasses 20,000,000 DMST, we will definitely update the community, but be assured that this isn’t going to happen any soon.
  • Also, to reassure everyone who thought the team was behind anything that caused the token’s value drop, these are the addresses that we currently have, and this is what each of them is for:
  • 1- [0x48e5abf1247ff7d3b14297e69377fbb00e7e7223] — This address holds 33,000,000 DMST that was originally supposed to be used during the IEO. However, their current use will be disclosed in our updated whitepaper, so stay tuned for that.
  • 2- [0x58f76d1262f1a200b89acc2c063dfe2ec325790f] — This address holds 20,000,000 DMST. This is the team’s share of the tokens, and it’s locked for 2 years, meaning we don’t really have access to them yet.
  • 3- [0x2541abf50d315a1a39e13145f0d67fd093398d97] — This address holds 12,000,000 DMST dedicated for marketing. We use these funds to boost DMScript marketing-wise.
  • 4- [0xd4c74bd1bc46fe6d547e860ea4c278f37b17b71f] — This address holds 10,000,000 DMST that we are utilizing for future partnerships.
  • 5- [0x8f675186ded7705d0d3592a0a692f672fb16b08b] — This address holds 5,000,000 DMST that will be used for our bug bounty program as well as the airdrops.
  • The smart contract audit:
  • Our smart contract audit is ready and will be available for anyone to view. This will help us work with major exchanges in the industry as it will ease our ability to be listed there.
  • Audit link:

We’d like everyone to know and understand that we care deeply about our project and this community. So kindly be aware of that and remember that no matter how inactive we are, we’re constantly working on making things better for everyone, so that we can deliver the amazing projects we promised you.


The DMScript Team.

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