DMScript: How Tratopia Will Work.

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Many have wondered, how are we going to incorporate the NFT aspect into Tratopia, and how will it be of value to create incentive for people to start trading and collecting for the greatest benefit possible?

It’s fairly simple. Here’s what we have in mind for Tratopia, once launched in early 2021:

On Tratopia, users are free to upload any creative asset of which they have created, with one condition only and that it’s the ONLY copy available anywhere. The digital asset can be a drawing, a video game item, something of value for the user of which they have created and have the copyright to share and distribute it as pleased.

Afterwards, the market would be created by having multiple users uploading their assets and offering them for trade. The value of each NFT item will be provided by the user, reasonably, and if there’s demand and an acceptance for this price, then a deal will likely be done fairly soon.

NFT items on Tratopia will not have a fixed value. They will be eligible for having their value rising even further depending on demand and the value of the item itself, in addition to if it’s a part of a collection that someone is trying to collect and sell off once procured.

Our DMScript ecosystem stablecoin, DMUSD, will be a vital part of Tratopia’s trading processes, because it can be used directly when making these transactions and participating in the trades. You don’t have to use DMST, unless you want to. You can also sell your NFT items in exchange for either DMST or DMUSD, as that will be up to you.

There will also be a collection system. Traders who create “collections” and keep distributing items that are part of said collection are likely to profit the most, because having a complete collection of any type of items will have extra benefits that we’ll disclose soon as we get closer in production with Tratopia.

Users can also issue a number of different copies of the same item, but bare in mind, the more items of the same type/name are issued, the more their value would drop, to prevent abuse of the system. For users to ensure the rise of value for their items if they’d like to issue a large portion of them, the demand for them must be high, and the trading volume needs to be consistent in order to maintain that desired value.

We’re still devising the perfect NFT trading system for creatives, gamers and people from all kinds of backgrounds, and will happily reveal more as we draw closer towards the end of the platform’s development.

DMScript is a blockchain-gaming company dedicated to backing and releasing video game-related projects

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