DMScript starts 2021 with significant updates.

Our Dear DMScript community members, it’s time to come with some new updates and answer your questions, 2020 had its great and proud moments for DMScript, as well as its downhills, last December one of our hard-working and effective team members got infected with COVID-19 and accordingly, many things had been delayed in the process of building something for you, now we’re back, we can’t wait to take things further and push forward!

2021 is up to a great start and new doors are to open, holding as many opportunities to our loyal members as they deserve the best.

As for our first update, we would like to reveal that a new company will be formed very soon, splitting DMScript into two entities, one specialized and based solely on the gaming industry, and the other will be non-gaming-related, and all of its announcements will be published during the first quarter of 2021.

It’s important to mention that a new team will be formed for the new company, with newly created tokens, bearing in mind that DMScript’s existing Token won’t be affected or changed by this update. if you’re a DMScript investor with DMST coins, you’ll automatically receive the new token once released in addition to what you have in your wallet, the conditions and all of the developments are to be announced later.

As we greatly love putting you in the full picture of what we’re doing, once we release the project, with the announcement of the new team members, the new website, and its white paper, You’ll find that the roadmap of the new company will be shared. The roadmap will tell you our established objectives and our desired result, which includes the key steps and milestones mandated to reach them, all with the help of each one of you

Because we truly care about giving you the most profitable earning opportunities, the DMUSD airdrop will be released during the month of January, which has been awaited by you and which we believe will increase DMScript’s visibility, as for the T2 exchange, we assure you everything is done from our end, however, the exchange will announce everything soon.

Many of you have asked about the demo of Higglo and when the buttons in the demo will be functional, our team has been working to update the demo to enable its buttons and features, something you will also see during the first quarter of this year, Marketing for our master project, Higglo, will commence right after the modification of the demo during the early phase of the second quarter,, and so will the prolonged project, Ubrizy, which will be released right after the establishment of the new company.

Concerning the staking platform, for all DMST and DMUSD holders, it will be available during Q1 as well.

A fast way to open new doors is always through partnerships! for DMScript to grow, we need to step into new relationships and try to drum up the leads, that’s why, in the intervening period, we have been working on partnering with 4 new companies, which include 2 Esports teams, details will be announced soon, As they already have constructed relationships with communities that could help enhance where DMScript stands, they’re capable of providing prospects for our network, we believe the new collaborations would have a tremendous influence.

These are January’s updates, we do not forget our loyal and enthusiastic community members who always believe in what DMScript is doing and its relentless work on providing something extraordinary, your efforts in building a great image for DMScript will be rewarded in the long term with every step we take.

Always be alert for our future news and updates!




DMScript is a blockchain-gaming company dedicated to backing and releasing video game-related projects

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DMScript is a blockchain-gaming company dedicated to backing and releasing video game-related projects

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