DMScript x Nvidia Strategic Partnership

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We are partnering with nVidia to help accelerate development of our DMPlay project. Utilizing nVidia’s ground-breaking technology, we will be able to boost DMPlay and give it a true standing chance in today’s market, as it will allow us to further develop and servers and give the ultimate cloud gaming experience to our gamers.

This is the start of something great for DMScript. And although DMPlay is set to start development at a later stage in our pipeline, this kickstart gives us plenty of time to strategize and build this project the way we envisioned it: As a true gaming experience regardless of your device, with smooth performance using our dedicated servers.

nVidia is dedicated to its partners, and will provide us with all the solutions we’ll need to get DMPlay onto track, as well as help accelerate its growth, and will also train our team with their up-to-date technology to help us execute this project as efficiently as possible.

DMScript is a blockchain-gaming company dedicated to backing and releasing video game-related projects

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