DMScript’s achievements and plans in a nutshell.

We want to go from one achievement to another with no loss of enthusiasm, and we measure our achievements by how much we inspire you and have you looking forward to what’s happening next.

We are glad to present an overview of everything we have done since the very beginning up till today, and all the things we are planning on achieving with your fully-appreciated support

DMScript x Nvidia Strategic Partnership

We have partnered with Nvidia to encourage sustainable development for Holonex, this great partnership is to help us use their technologies to improve Holonex and give it an ideal opportunity in the gaming industry, and because the project is slated to commence development at a later stage, this allows us loads of good time to prepare everything out and create an experience that is up-to-date and fully effective with today’s tech.

Expanding DMScript’s horizons: Investments, new office, and Twitch on Higglo.

Having closed a deal with the world’s leading live streaming platform for gamers, we believe this is to open a door to a larger network,

give ultimate gaming experience to the community as it will give you a chance to directly watch the team you’re betting on as they compete through Twitch’s streaming services, and all of this will be available and possible on Higglo’s platform directly.

DMScript | Announcing our latest eSports partnership!

Fostering our network with the esports community by forming a partnership with OG, which has greatly raised the visibility of DMScript in the entire industry, and which has made us more prominent internationally, OG is the largest Dota 2 team in the world to ever be witnessed, and the only one to win the world championship multiple times

After the partnership, we have been working together to create innovative and exciting content that has opened the gates for another partnership with their new esports team, Valorant.

DMScript: Joining Polkadot’s Blockchain

Joining Polkadot in this journey, we believe will keep us on track to create the strongest security and scalability for our projects, and will present a considerable benefit to our projects and particularly those underlying Avaluse, facilitate easier transactions and raise the functionality of our projects.

Mercedes to be Higglo’s First Sponsor

We have proudly Shifted DMScript into a reputable company by being able to communicate with the world’s vanguard in cars manufacturing, Mercedes, and have succeeded to close such a pioneering contract.

This partnership will allow several lucky winners on Higglo’s betting platform to win a grand prize, a Mercedes car! We can’t wait to have this project up and running to select those fortunate winners

DMScript’s Latest Partner: Sambrela Studios

Sambrela is one of the partners of Voodoo and a famed company for the development of some great mobile games. They have recently helped us develop our very first game, Krakets, which has turned an addiction to us and to many of our community members.

The team will greatly help us design and optimize the games that we at DMStudio are creating, So stay tuned for more, as when our team and Sambrella’s collaborate, we create magic!

Traditional Sports Find Home in Higglo

With this major addition to our plan while creating Higglo, Our sports section on Higglo will feature the UFC, Cricket, basketball, soccer, American football, and chess, as we are working on reaching all sports fans, esports or traditional, to make Higglo a one-spot platform for the whole sports community that loves betting on their favourable teams.

DMScript closes November with NASDAQ.

Our very first advanced and massive marketing campaign that covered New york’s famous Times Square!

Stay tuned to greater alliances with NASDAQ that far surpass this advertisement, in the sake of continuously running great marketing activities for DMScript that pleases our community.

Introducing Avaluse & AVAL

After our news about dividing DMScript into two companies, DMScript and Avaluse, we have shifted the three projects, Ubrizy, Tratopia, and Vovest into Avaluse’s ecosystem

Avaluse’s Latest Partner: Unionpay

Vovest’s primary goal is to deliver crypto wallets that directly appeal to the community of DMScript. We will accomplish this through partnering up with UnionPay, which will be Vovest’s key portal for receiving your wallets and cards.

Our First Game Ever: Krakets

Our first game ever created and surely not last; Krakets, that has been designed in collaboration with Sambrella, Krakets is a project we are extremely proud of, Which is an original Tower Defense game that is up and running, We are also very proud of how much our community is engaged with leveling up and scoring higher everyday, which is making Kraket’s first tournament quite challenging.

Bassem Youssef’s review on DMScript.

Bassem Youssef is a famous Egyptian comedian, writer, producer, surgeon, doctor, media critic, and television host, who hosted El-Bernameg, .and gained more than five million views in the first three months alone, Here is a video where he talks about how proud he is to witness promising startups emerging from the Middle East like DMScript.

Partnering Up With Mazer Gaming

Our partnership with Mazer Gaming, a professional esports, and entertainment organization, is our second esports team partner, which absolutely strengthens our direct connection with the esports community as a whole.

Maintaining Stability Through Locked Liquidity

Maintaining the stability of $DMST and also to increase the trust between both us and our amazing community, we have decided to lock 100% of our liquidity on Uniswap through Unicrypt for 6 months.

100k$ Dedicated for Higglo’s Marketing

As we do acknowledge marketing as a key driver of our success, we have decided to dedicate 100k$ to market our prominent project, Higglo, The project’s new offerings must be brought to market through innovative content, partnerships and more to sustain the project, and this is why we value marketing as a driver for Higglo’s viability.

This is an overview of our previous and most-recent achievements in a nutshell.

Things don’t stop here, as what’s coming next can’t really fit a nutshell!

We will soon announce a confirmed partnership, that will help us secure our projects, as for our projects’ expected time to be launched, 10x, our crypto-lottery platform, will be finalized and running in early March, while Ubrizy is to be launched during Q1, giving us more time on developing Higglo, that will be released later during Q2, all with the help of our newly-hired 15 team members, that will be featured on our website and will be introduced to the community.

With your support, our power and will to build something valuable everyday is unlikely to decline, and our team continuously thrives in today’s cluttered and competitive gaming industry.

Watch us exploit DMScript’s full potential everyday!




DMScript is a blockchain-gaming company dedicated to backing and releasing video game-related projects

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DMScript is a blockchain-gaming company dedicated to backing and releasing video game-related projects

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