DMScript’s Latest Partner: Sambrela Studios

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We’re super excited to announce our latest partnership with Sambrela! For those who don’t know, Sambrela is one of Voodoo’s (one of the best mobile game publishers in the world) partners and a renowned company known for developing some of the very best mobile games on the market right now. Their expertise in the field is superb and have proven themselves over the years as a formidable team of creatives who won’t easily budge.

This strategic partnership will highly benefit DMStudio thanks to Sambrela offering us their experience, tools and assets, as well as their app marketing expertise, to help us polish and refine the games we develop at DMStudio. They’re also a key factor that will unlock many locked doors that we would’ve faced, as we now have access to some of the world’s top mobile gaming companies in the entire industry.

The team behind Sambrela has also shown great interest and initiative in DMScript, and have graciously offered a lot of valuable assistance with DMStudio’s foundation and establishment, giving us an even better edge as we proceed in developing this latest venture for DMScript.

Make sure to check their website out, — and to check out some of their popular games both on Android and iOS! We’ll continually update the community with everything related to DMStudio and we’ll hopefully be able to soon discuss our very first mobile game by DMStudio.

Stay tuned for more!

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