DMST Presale Bonus Update

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Hello everyone, in regards to the bonus tokens we promised during our presale, we said we’ll distribute a 50% bonus for everyone who partook during the sale. For those waiting for an announcement to be made in this regard, we’re happy to announce that we’ll finally start distributing the bonus tokens. However, releasing the tokens all at once is going to cause a disturbance to our workflow, and will negatively impact DMScript to a severe extent, so we decided to gradually release the bonus tokens.

This means we’ll send out 10% every month until we send the last % that completes the 50% bonus. This means every month for 5 months, you will receive 10% of your bonus tokens. This ensures that everything would remain stable on our end, and also ensures that you can receive your bonus safely.

We’re aware that not everyone will be pleased by this, but we assure you that this is the best we can do for YOU, for us, and for everyone else. This will benefit us all in the long-term, and every investor knows for a fact that long-term investments are the ones that earn you the greatest benefits.

We will be doing our best to prevent the circulating supply from surpassing 20,000,000 DMST for the rest of 2022, and the new tokenomics will be available in our updated whitepaper when it’s ready.

Thanks for everyone and please keep an eye on our announcements channel to keep up with all the news related to our projects.

DMScript is a blockchain-gaming company dedicated to backing and releasing video game-related projects

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