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Hey guys, great news! Our staking program will start on the 5th of August, and it will include 3 different packages.

1- Lasts for 3 months and will earn you 15% in profits.
2- Lasts for 6 months and earns you 40% in profits.
3- Lasts for 1 year and it will earn you 90% in profits.

Here’s the minimum for each package:

1- 3 Months: 5,000–25,000 DMST — Pool limit: 250,000 DMST
2- 6 Months: 10,000–50,000 DMST — Pool limit: 500,000 DMST
3- 12 Months: 20,000–100,000 DMST — Pool limit: 1,000,000 DMST

- How to enter the staking program:

Fill the form on our staking page,
Send the amount you’d like to transfer through the staking address included in our form.
The staking address will accept deposits until the hardcap is reached, and once the hardcap is hit, no further deposits will be accepted, and if anyone transfers DMST after this, it will be returned within one week after the staking auction.

At the end of the staking period, the participants will receive their principal (staked tokens) and rewards on their wallet within one week.

Kindly avoid using exchange wallets for deposits. Users do not have control of the private keys for exchange wallets. The participant is solely responsible for deposits made from the exchange wallet, and deposits should be made only from an ERC-20 compatible wallet. For instance: Metamask, Myetherwallet, Trustwallet, etc. Kindly use the wallet to which you can control the private keys.

Any non-DMST deposits will not be returned, and if there’s a mistake, please contact us ASAP through our email:

Kindly note that the transfer needs to be made during the staking open period, and any transfers before or after the open period will be considered invalid and will not be retrned.

In order to unstake during the staking period, kindly send a request to us at with all the details that were placed in the form, as well as the reason behind unstaking. We will process the refund with no bonus earned due to unstaking before the end of the pool’s period.

The form and the email system are just a temporary thing until our staking website is fully functional. We’ve done it this way so we can allow yo to partake in our staking program before the site was ready, but once the site launches, you will have full control over everything.

Best regards,
The DMScript Team.

DMScript is a blockchain-gaming company dedicated to backing and releasing video game-related projects

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