Tratopia, our latest NFT Project

We’re incredibly excited to announce our latest NFT-related project, Tratopia! In case you’re wondering, it literally means trade utopia, hence the Tratopia term.

This project was super exciting for our team to announce because it hits home really well, especially since most of us as gamers have tinkered around games like Cryptokitties and Pokemon Go, and we know the value of NFT and how it can make this space even more lucrative.

So, how does Tratopia work?

There’s also a trade feature that allows you to trade unique items with other merchants as long as they’re of the same value, or even if they’re not, but it will have to be a mutually accepted transfer of items so that it would work and register on our system.

Why would this project matter?

You are an artist. You make digital paintings. Yet, for some reason, they’re undervalued and you only get to sell them on online sites like Fiverr or Deviantart for pennies. But what if you found another way to signify the importance of your artwork, and make even more profit through it? This is how NFT, or rather Non-Fungible-Tokens, come into play.

Through our NFT system, which is far more simplified when compared to the current marketplaces that offer the same service, you will find out that you can make so much

more by listing your valuable digital art on a crypto marketplace, because it makes your art UNIQUE, and it makes it the only one of its kind, adding a more significant value to it that makes it lucrative for potential investors who would be interested in buying your piece for a high value with a mindset of later selling it when there’s a higher demand for your style.

This is just an example out of many. This could apply to you no matter what your work niche is part of, regardless of the skills you have when creating something that’s digital. This gives you the full creative freedom of creating anything you want, give it its value, and either start the next NFT trend that everyone would kill to get, or try your luck with something new if your item isn’t considered that valuable by others in the marketplace.

Regardless, the sky is quite literally the limit when it comes to digital creations. It could be a rare GIF, a meme, an animated video, any type of asset that is solely unique to its owners and cannot be obtained or found anywhere else in the world, and we believe that through DMScript, we can make it an amazing experience for everyone.

  • Tratopia will be released after Ubrizy in Q2 2021, and we will keep updating our community with all the features surrounding the project, and will make sure to release a website that showcases all the information you’d like to see, and we’ll be sure to add it to the next version of our website and our whitepaper.

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