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Hey everyone,

we understand that up until now, many of you still have a problem with figuring out how we’re going to distribute our latest $DMUSD tokens when the time is right. Have no fear! This post will give you all the information you need in order to get yourself ready to fill your wallet full of DMUSD.

  1. When is the snapshot going to be taken?
  2. The snapshot will be taken on January 1st. To qualify for the snapshot, all you have to do is keep the amount of DMST you’d like to receive an equivalent DMUSD bonus for in your ERC-20 wallet for 1 month, uninterrupted (minimum amount must be 50k DMST). So to be more specific, you need to keep your DMST in your wallet from December 1st, up until January 1st, in order to qualify for the snapshot. We’ll be distributing 1 DMUSD per 10 DMST in the wallets.
  3. How will the next airdrop work?
  4. You will need to be one of our top 100 DMST holders from January 1st up until February 1st to qualify for our second $DMUSD, and we’ll be distributing 100,000 DMUSD across our top 100 DMST holders every month for one whole year. Obviously, the more DMST you have from this group, the more DMUSD you’ll receive per month.
  5. How can I use the tokens?
  6. The $DMUSD token will be worth $1 only in our ecosystem, meaning you can only use it within DMScript’s services and projects. You’ll be able to use it to trade on Higglo, purchasing NFTs from Tratopia, or even pay for subscriptions for our other projects, like Holonex and Tournet, although choosing to pay in DMUSD, it will be more expensive compared to paying in DMST.
  7. You’ll also be able to trade it for DMST in the future, but it will be only available in limited amounts by having limited trading pools for DMST/DMUSD pairs. Every month, we’ll be adding more liquidity to allow users to trade their DMUSD.

Hopefully, this was enough information to get you ready for the snapshot and airdrop! Hold on to your DMST, for there will be far too many rewards coming your way in the next few months.

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DMScript is a blockchain-gaming company dedicated to backing and releasing video game-related projects

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