How can Higglo help gamers?

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People have finally been able to make a living out of gaming for almost more than a decade now, all thanks to the rise of YouTube gaming and streaming on Twitch, etc. This allowed many gamers or skilled people to benefit financially from what they were good at: video games. Yet unfortunately, not everyone is a pro at their favorite video game nor can they create funny content on YouTube out of that game either. What can an everyday gamer who can’t dedicate too many hours to improving at their game do to be able to tap into the financial well that gaming has opened up?

The answer is simple: Betting.

Through projects like Higglo from DMScript, betting will allow gamers or gaming enthusiasts in general to monetize their passion through cheering for their favorite eSports teams, and if their call is right, they’ll take in a bag back home. But what makes Higglo different is that it provides an opportunity that was never present before:

  • Allowing non-pro gamers to make money from gaming
  • Showing a rise in the need for eSports analysts
  • Creating a community around the betting environment
  • Simulating a stadium’s feel for Higglo’s community as they watch and bet on their favorite teams

Through these features, Higglo is quite different when compared to other eSports betting platforms, since it’s decentralized, P2P, and is building a community around one key passion that brings them all together: Gaming. This is also to prove that you don’t have to be a God at your favorite game if you want it to be a stream of income in your life, you can just be smart about predicting who wins and who doesn’t and bet accordingly.

There will be room in the future for analysts with on-point predictions who will be considered “Oracles” by the gaming betting community due to their correct assumptions and how good they can evaluate a team’s draft quality. This is something we believe will be dominant and present everywhere in the next year or so when the betting scene grows even further.

How do you see Higglo helping gamers, though?

DMScript is a blockchain-gaming company dedicated to backing and releasing video game-related projects

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