How gamers will benefit from DMPlay

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E-sports is a fairly new category of entertainment. It revolves around video games as a method to emulate real world tournaments, and there are big cash pools as rewards for becoming the best gamer out there. So much so that gamers often travel a week before the event to the country that hosts the gaming tournament: to acclimatise themselves with the atmosphere.

When such tiny things like humidity and weather conditions are taken seriously by the big boys, it’s perhaps overkill — or overclock. But there are far bigger problems that prospective gamers have to face while travelling to these countries.

Gaming as a profession relies on you being there for your viewers and followers, you playing the game for maximum time, and you being a person who’s looked at as an authority about the game in question. The biggest problem faced by gamers has the potential to make all three conditions disappear in the blink of an eye: airport security.

It is a well known fact that computing systems can be confiscated by the airport security staff if they deem it necessary. There have even been a few cases where the entire PC was destroyed on account of being “suspicious content”, and that must be heartbreaking to the owner of the PC.

Imagine splurging $10,000 on your customised gaming build (which you’ve built with love), packing it carefully in a crate (with a teddy in case it gets lonely) and driving it to the airport because you don’t trust the taxi to not drive through potholes. Then you get off the taxi, pick up the crate and go over to the check in areas.

And then some bigwig in a blue uniform tells you to open the crate. You cheerfully do so, and show him that your system contains nothing worth mentioning, it is just what it looks like: a gaming build. But… nada. The person confiscates your system, deeming it “suspicious cargo” and looks at you with a beady eye while Customs staff arrives to take possession of your precious property.

You’re in shock. The airport staff have confiscated your PC, without grounds, and you’re being told to wait there “as they see fit”.

Gamers often face the problem of not being able to carry their powerhouses effectively and efficiently. Some blame must go to the airport security guys for suspecting a PC, but it’s really bad for gamers. It doesn’t allow them to stream or play their chosen game, which prevents them from showcasing their moments. Decreased activity on YouTube during transit turns away new subscribers and disappoints existing users, thus cutting off opportunities to earn.

Sadly, laptops don’t have the necessary computing power. They run on batteries, and those run out way too fast at 120 FPS. Laptops are exceedingly portable, but a PC is still the best in giving optimum performance. And it’s not like a laptop can’t be confiscated; it can be.

Nope. That’s not a possibility, because most professional gamers have adapted so well to their primary setup that getting comfortable with a new PC often takes a week or so of gaming, and that’s not a very good time frame. Also, the cost of buying high performance builds is astronomical. It is simply not feasible to buy a new system just for a tournament, because the prize isn’t guaranteed, and because of the less familiar layout. So many things can change in the course of one round of gaming that buying a new PC is not an option.

DMPlay is a long-term solution to one of the most common problems most gamers face, especially competitive gamers. It gives you the ability to access your favorite video games from servers located strategically across multiple continents to give you the ultimate latency-free experience for your favorite titles if you’re an online, competitive gamer. You’ll also get the chance to stream your games to many different devices, such as a Mac, a Desktop PC, an Android phone, or even iOS. It’s the perfect solution for traveling gamers who want to enjoy their favorite games while not having to carry an enormous PC around with them.

DMPlay solves many problems, as it allows competitive gamers to play in the most challenging servers regardless of where they live, without having to travel specifically to any different country to increase their skills, which works out perfectly for pro gamers specifically as they need to constantly increase their competitiveness to prepare for tournaments.

It also solves the travelling issue for gamers who are constantly on the move, since many people find themselves forced to either buy an expensive gaming laptop, or to carry their PC around with them as they travel. Such gamers won’t have this kind of problem anymore, since all they would literally need is just any device with a supported operating system and a screen.

  1. Smooth, lag-free experience.
  2. 2. Latency-free gaming.
  3. 3. Multiple servers across continents to maintain latency.
  4. 4. Mac, PC, iOS, and Android support.
  5. 5. 60 FPS — Full HD experience.

DMScript is a blockchain-gaming company dedicated to backing and releasing video game-related projects

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