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Avaluse, inspired by innovation, is here to inspire you with its three main projects.

After our news about dividing DMScript into two companies, DMScript and Avaluse, we have shifted the three projects, Ubrizy, Tratopia, and Vovest (previously known as DMwallet) into Avaluse’s system.

We assure you that the future is way bigger than the past, aspiring to achieve more than just the miracles of technology. In the crypto and blockchain industries, so let’s clarify things for you.

These are the main three main projects under Avaluse:


Vovest is a digital wallet and card, that aims at simplifying and securing your investment, payments, storing, and buying cryptocurrencies, making it easier for those who are always looking forward to what the future of money is to provide, with a simple click.

ensuring you a smooth experience as possible in our ecosystem as promised, the main features of the wallet are

1.Built-in exchange
2.Sending/receiving options
3.A physical and virtual card
4.Referral program
5.Mobile Top-up

With more details on each in our previous article that shed light on DMwallet’s features.


Ubrizy is a blockchain-based store that allows users to buy video game
products using cryptocurrency, making their payments far more secure
than other platforms known for their security vulnerabilities, and also
allowing for a smoother, faster transaction process. Have access to our
user friendly platform, with no hassle whatsoever.

What does it solve?

With third party marketplaces for video games on the rise, it would make total sense forcrypto users to prefer using crypto as their favorite payment method.

Unfortunately, however, this isn’t ideal for most marketplaces and online stores, which makes it a huge hassle and near impossible to pull off. With Ubrizy, by DMScript, you’ll be able to use our very own $DMST token to purchase your video game items! This will be done by accessing
our own Ubrizy store, selecting the digital product you’d like to purchase, and there you


1. Ability to purchase products with cryptocurrency
2. Fast, secure transactions
3. Access to a variety of video game products
4. Recommended video games feature
5. User friendly interface, easy to use!


Tratopia, which is a combination of trading utopia, is DMScript’s very own NFT marketplace for creative and video game related items. It’s a place where we want to give people the chance to offer their unique creations and profit from them through us, in addition to having a lot of interesting features, like card collections that you can keep track of, andunique selling/purchasing rights of items.

What does it solve?

Tratopia gives artists, designers and gamers the ability to offer their unique creations on the NFT marketplace in one of the most simplified methods ever. Due to the complex nature of NFT and crypto in general, we wanted to make Tratopia a unique experience that is both easy to use, and rewarding all at the same time, and we’ll be able to do this by having a simple interface and trading system similar to that of Steam’s item trading system.


1. Simplified NFT trading experience
2. Vast collection of items to trade
3. User-friendly interface design
4. Flexible functions for user’s ease of use

Welcome $AVAL

We want to ensure that all DMST holders are always winning!

Therefore each holder will be getting the Avaluse token 1:1, with no minimum requirement of the number of DMST owned, if you’re a DMST holder already, the airdrop will land into your wallet.

$DMST Snapshot

The snapshot will be spread on the 30th of January.

$AVAL Airdrop

$AVAL Airdrop will take place within 14 days after the snapshot

$AVAL Listing

AVAL will be listed on Uniswap starting with a 200$k liquidity.

New project on the way!

Things don’t end here, as creating new astounding projects is what we excel at, our Avaluse team is working on a fourth project which will glorify and increase the value of both tokens, DMST and AVAL.

We know our community has an appetite for new promising projects that could add great touches to its industry, So trust us when we say stay tuned to what Avaluse has got in store, because what’s coming is big!

DMScript is a blockchain-gaming company dedicated to backing and releasing video game-related projects

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