Introducing Ubrizy

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We're excited to announce a new member in our DMScript family of projects: Ubrizy!

Ubrizy is an online store that will allow you to purchase video games and items from big companies like Steam, Origin, Riot Games, Playstation and Microsoft, all using our very own $DMST - it's an exciting time for DMScript as this project was meant to be announced with our first 3 projects, but was delayed due to some complications. We're personally excited about this project as it will allow our $DMST to be used more often and will be useful for everyone who holds it.

With the complications out of the way, however, we're more than happy to announce that all the details surrounding Ubrizy's features, system and extensive details, will be made available this month with the release of our latest whitepaper version.

Keep an eye on our updates, because we're loaded with great news for everyone!

DMScript is a blockchain-gaming company dedicated to backing and releasing video game-related projects

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