Mercedes to be Higglo’s First Sponsor

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Hey everyone!

We’ve got some exciting news to let everyone know that Higglo’s first sponsor will be the one and only Mercedes! Yes, you read that right: we’re being sponsored by Mercedes, the most popular luxurious car manufacturer on the planet.

We believe that this step is a major milestone that will change everything, and ultimately shift DMScript into a well respected company and one of the very few startups that managed to get such a groundbreaking deal from the motor giant.

The nature of the sponsorship lies in that we’re going to have a Mercedes car as a grand prize every now and then, with the first car going to a lucky winner from Higglo 3 months after we launch the platform.

How we pick the winner for this amazing prize will be based on a ranking system, fully automated that is publicly visible to all of Higglo’s users, that can track the betting progress of each individual user on our platform, and it will record the top users with the highest number of wins versus losses, with the total accumulated money from betting wins being put into consideration as well.

The Higglo user at the top of our ranking system with the highest total combination of accurate bets and highest amount of money accumulated will be Higglo’s lucky winner of a brand new Mercedes car, just for them.

This is also the first sponsor for Higglo, which means our community can expect big player companies to be involved in Higglo and DMScript’s projects in general.

Keep an eye out for more incredible news, and stay safe out there.

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