Polkadot’s Role for DMScript

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A while ago, we announced that we’ll be integrating our software with Polkadot’s network. A lot of you were thrilled about this, but no one really got to know how we plan to utilize Polkadot’s technology with our software, and why, of all possible networks, we decided to go with the world-renowned DOT.

Polkadot is creating the new definition of the internet, utilizing blockchain technology and scalability to help integrate a seamless interaction between anything that is built on their platform.

For DMScript, we offer a large variety of software, ranging from gaming-centric ones like Holonex, Tournet and Higglo, to online markets like Ubrizy and Tratopia, and even to staking applications with DMStaking and our very own wallet. This lays a technical challenge for us in the future, as we find ourselves facing the nightmare of seamless interaction between all of our software together.

Because, at the end of the day, we realized that we had to make one of two core decisions: either we separate the database and integration of each of our tools, causing a significant inconvenience for our users, or we try our best at a seamless interaction using the same database for every project made by DMScript, which is a much better option for our community, but much more challenging for us, the team.

Given the nature of our company, we knew we’d absolutely go with the decision that would benefit the community, regardless of its difficulty, and so we knew that we needed to arm ourselves with the latest tech that could back us as we do so. This is where Polkadot’s platform comes into place.

Thanks to the ease of interaction and integration between any blockchain on their network, the scalability and security foundations laid out by their amazing developers, we will be able to provide just what we dreamed of offering our community, using their technology. This is why we chose Polkadot, and why we plan to navigate through even more advanced methods that would help us squeeze every single benefit we can get from such technology.

We’re confident in what we will achieve using Polkadot, and what we’ll be able to offer our community fairly soon. We’ll start sharing developer notes on a monthly basis as soon as we can disclose such information, and we’re certain this will give our community a lot of answers for most of their technical questions.

DMScript is a blockchain-gaming company dedicated to backing and releasing video game-related projects

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