The New Token

As previously stated, new fresh starts necessitate new fresh talents, attitudes, and operations!

With an initial liquidity of $100,000 dollars, we have launched a new BEP-20 token that is tradable on PancakeSwap

Contract: 0xd44b067e394f5f0ffe4aea7c1a74ccd8cb98a7d8

Slippage: 12%

A 10% transaction fee will also be charged, with the proceeds going directly to liquidity in order to grow it over time.

Plan for the compensation program

Our compensation program will be published on our coming soon DEX platform, where our members can also farm, stake, and purchase NFTs with DMST.

Holders will be able to convert old tokens to new ones on the Binance smart chain using our dex platform.

Receiving the tokens

Holders will receive their tokens over the next six months in a vesting program, rather than all at once, and this technique will, of course, avoid any dump and selling pressure that would hurt the token’s market position.

The projects

In terms of our current projects, Higglo will be ready sooner than expected, and numerous efforts will be taken to improve the platform and other projects.

Any issues with 10x or AVAL will be resolved. Our team needs to take the proper steps in order to produce higher-than-expected quality, so we appreciate the community’s patience and understanding of how this delay will help us achieve our objectives more effectively and efficiently.

The comeback

We’re working on a more attractive and user-friendly website, as well as enhancing the logo while maintaining the brand’s general identity and aims. Every minor adjustment, we feel, will lead to larger improvements in favor of the projects.

Wait for more!




DMScript is a blockchain-gaming company dedicated to backing and releasing video game-related projects

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DMScript is a blockchain-gaming company dedicated to backing and releasing video game-related projects

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