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Hello everyone.

This post is meant to address some pressing questions that we received regarding our team’s backgrounds, what they worked on, etc.

We’re adamant with being as transparent as possible towards everyone, for which reason we’re more than happy to further discuss our team, and providing this information.


  1. Adam Frank — Full Stack Developer:
  2. Born and living in the UK, Adam has worked with a number of different companies before working with us. Most of his work was based on a contract, meaning it wasn’t a permanent position. He worked as a freelancer in a number of smaller projects, such as creating the front-end part of a website, having it visually compelling, as well as providing the back-end code for local websites around the UK, US and Poland.
  3. Adam later decided to up his skills, so he joined Canon in 2010 as a system engineer. It was a part-time job that didn’t pay that much, but it taught him enough to move on after 3 years. He worked on system maintenance. Moving forward, Adam carved himself a new path by working with Samsung Mobile, as he wanted to further learn and develop his skills in different fields as a full stack developer. We unfortunately cannot disclose what exactly he worked on then due to an NDA that he signed with Samsung Mobile, however, it mainly had to do with optimizations and security features.
  4. After discovering even more ambitions, Adam decided to learn about blockchain technology and the crypto world, so he left Samsung in 2016 and joined Microsoft as a part-time Software Test Engineer. The reason is simply to make more room for him to study and research the crypto world while working a simpler, easier job.
  5. Moving on from Microsoft, he signed with DHL a 1 year contract that was even easier for him: Database Administration. He would maintain specific databases and ensure that they function properly. This gave him more room to study his new passion: blockchain technology.
  6. In April 2020, we received a recruitment application by Adam, asking to join our newly formed team and be part of his new venture. He acquired all the skills he needed, understood what it took, and is now our current main web & app developer.
  7. George Bean — Blockchain Developer & Team Leader:
  8. George is the team’s current leader. Having started as a jack of all trades while freelancing, he initially worked as an accountant for Forex Bank for almost 3 years. This taught him a lot of essential skills when it came to numbers, so he has a knack for them. He then moved on to smaller freelance projects, ranging from lead generation, building strategies for clients, and so much more. He continued to do so for over 10 years! Thanks to his freelance career’s nature, George realized in 2015 that blockchain technology is going to play a role in the world’s future, and that’s when he decided to make room to learn it.
  9. Up until today, he would spend his entire day focused on the latest technological trends and updates to this extensive world. However, before joining us, he landed a contract with Hwawei that allowed him to increase his income a little bit, having worked as a sales manager whose job is to land more deals and get more clients. While it had nothing to do with blockchain development, he took it as a challenge to prove that he can “convince” — and so he did. After 2 years of leaving Hwawei, George applied to join us as a blockchain developer, and eventually earned the title of “team leader” due to his exceptional explanatory ways, and how he excelled at directing the team.
  10. Bruno Joao:
  11. Bruno was one of our earliest applicants. He’s a gaming freak, and although he’s not super tech-savvy like George and Adam, he does excel at marketing. He was responsible for our marketing plans, creating lists of influencers and potential investors we should reach out to, and so much more.
  12. Before working with us, Bruno worked as a marketing specialist for many different companies, where he was in charge of creating social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and mostly Instagram, and providing the proper strategies required for executing them. He would also be in charge of creating the copy required for these campaigns.
  13. Ali Rashid:
  14. Ali is our legal eyes. He’s not 24/7 with the team since he already works for Emirates NBD as a legal consultant, but we were so lucky to have him onboard as law-abiding eyes that would guide us through many hurdles and confusing legislation. We requested his help with processing our Higglo (P2P Gambling Project) license through the UK Gambling Commission, and we’ll continue to request his aid with our upcoming projects to make sure everything is in the clear.

We’d like to also make it clear that our team is ever-expanding. Every single one of our projects will have a specific team dedicated to it, meaning that we’re constantly hiring new talented individuals who can ensure the success of our upcoming projects and meeting our investors’ expectations.

We’re more than happy to answer any further questions through our Telegram community group, Twitter, or email.


The DMScript team.

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